Capsule Runs Joint Study With Aviva To Identify The Connection Between B Corps And Lower Risk

Heard the news? We recently gained our B Corp certification! And we’re on a mission to shout about the benefits of being part of this worldwide impactful movement…

Capsule and one of the UK’s largest insurers, Aviva, recently conducted a joint study into B Corps and their risk factors. We reviewed a total of 588 B Corps, with Aviva’s team conducting an in-depth analysis of each one. The results? B Corps prove more resilient in an ever-evolving economy, and have better risk factors than SMEs without the certification.

Our findings join B Lab’s own research on how B Corps and other SMEs stack up against each other:

B Corp use

Aviva has seen enough of the benefits to recognise and reward B Corp-certified companies, especially when they choose Capsule as their insurance partner due to the significant levels of extra data we provide.

The B Corp ethos is to use business as a force for good – a value very much in line with our own. Achieving B Corp certification is by no means an easy feat or just a marketing stunt; it takes dedication to prove you’re working towards reducing inequality and poverty, as well as a healthier environment, stronger communities and high-quality jobs.

By encouraging others to commit to creating real environmental and social change, we hope to foster the development of a wider ESG community.”

Jason Chambers, Head Of Underwriting Transformation at Aviva

This is a huge milestone not just for us, but for the insurance industry as a whole. Our long-term goal is to ultimately shift the way the insurance market operates – encouraging people to think differently about risk, and inspiring them to invest responsibly. It’s great to team up with brands with the same mission.

Thomas Wynne., Co-founder and CEO at Capsule

So, if you’ve already got B Corp status, join forces with us and reap the rewards. Not yet certified? What are you waiting for? Get in touch to see how sustainability goes hand in hand with profitability.

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