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Capsule Is Officially A Living Wage Employer

We’re proud to announce that we’ve officially become a Living Wage employer. This new credential goes hand in hand with our B Corp status; as a fair and equal employer committed to pursuing a better future for all, it’s important that our staff earn enough to meet their basic needs – as well as cover unexpected expenses.

Self-defined as the movement for ‘the real cost of living’, the Living Wage Foundation campaigns on behalf of the national workforce to help people receive a wage that funds their everyday living. To date, more than 300,000 employees have benefitted from a pay rise as a result of the campaign – with leading brands like Monzo, Sterling and Aviva among the growing list of Living Wage employers. Also on the list are Capsule clients Feast It, Otta and Gigl. You can learn more about accredited employers and the Living Wage mission here.

Photo by Patrick Perkins

“By paying our employees a Living Wage, not only are we ensuring that they have access to everyday essentials and can build up their savings for the future, but we are also giving them more freedom to choose what they spend their money on. With the current cost of living challenges, it is very important that employers - such as Capsule - continue to support employees financially where we can. ”

Dorian Zanker, Chief Sustainability Officer at Capsule

Interested in driving positive change and becoming a Living Wage employer? Head to the Living Wage Foundation’s FAQs page to get started.

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