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What is Capture?

Save time. Make progress.

Capture strips out the hassle of manually submitting information and links you directly to our next-level insurance advice. Just share your data through our secure API and we’ll get straight to work – putting together policies as progressive as your business.

Step 1

Share your latest financials via API.

Step 2

Upload your company pitch deck or strategy as a PDF.

Step 3

Share your current insurance policies as PDFs.

How Capture works

Proactive support for growing businesses.

Everything about Capture is designed to make sorting your insurance faster, simpler and safer.

By securely connecting your accounting software through a single bank-grade API, we’ll assess your financial situation in real time. This allows us to proactively review where you are, so we can provide advice for where you’re going.

As you grow, we’ll keep pace with you and your changing needs. Leaving you more time to keep building your business.

Why use Capture?

Reasons to rest assured.

The thought of linking your accounting data can be a bit daunting. To put your mind at ease, here are some quick answers to questions you probably have. Or read our FAQs.


It’s actually safer. Data shared manually (using email or the post) is at higher risk of being stolen. And by always being up to date, we can adapt to your changing needs.


We’ll link to your accounting software using Codat’s single API. All data is encrypted and protected by the highest level of security protocols.


We’ll be accessing your information to look at your latest balance sheets, and profit and loss statements.

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