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On the Rise: Startups That Received Funding in September 2023

As we look back at September’s success stories in the startup space, we’re feeling pretty excited by the surge of creativity flowing through the market – and, of course, the generous investments making it all possible.

There are even more deals this month, for even larger amounts, and businesses are getting even more ambitious. Ready to discover another round-up of innovative ideas? Hold tight, fellow disruptors…

Apron Payments

First up is Apron Payments – the fintech trailblazer founded by Bodgan Uzbekov, a visionary leader and former product lead at Revolut. With a sharp focus on businesses, Apron’s innovative payment platform streamlines the often daunting task of consolidating company invoices. No more juggling paperwork. Now, you can effortlessly track and settle bills using Apron’s user-friendly platform. Its Series A funding round spearheaded by Index Ventures saw it raise $15 million – and since its beta launch in March, it has been on a mission to expand its arsenal of accounting tools.

Continuum Industries

At the heart of Edinburgh’s innovation hub is Continuum Industries, which wields the power of AI to drive the world towards a greener future. Its cutting-edge platform, Optioneer, is the secret weapon enabling power, utility, and renewables companies to chart the course for cleaner energy. With a recent $10 million Series A funding round led by Singular – and further backing from additional supporters including Credo, Playfair, and Techstart Ventures – the AI SaaS provider is gearing up for an exciting journey ahead. The funding will fuel plans to double its team and embark on an ambitious expansion across Europe and the United States. Here’s to a cleaner, greener future!

Curve card


Step into the world of financial innovation with Curve – your ultimate destination for all things financial. Curve’s mission is crystal clear: simplify your financial life with a single, brilliant solution – all your financial tools neatly bundled into one sleek smart card, and an even smarter app. The fintech has recently bolstered its journey with an impressive £58 million injection into their Series C funding round – bringing its total Series C to a staggering £133 million. Backed by the support of shrewd investors like Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Cercano Management, Curve is poised to take the way we all manage our finances to new heights.


Introducing Electron – the enterprising force propelling the global energy landscape into a brighter, more sustainable future. As a pioneering provider of cutting-edge marketplace software, Electron empowers electric networks, generators, and consumers alike with unprecedented control and flexibility over their power sources. With a recent infusion of £4 million in funding, Electron is set to supercharge its mission across the UK, Europe, and North America – driving the world’s transition to net zero at an exhilarating pace. We bet co-founder and CEO Jo-Jo Hubbard couldn’t be prouder.


Next on the list is GEEIQ, a state-of-the-art metaverse intelligence platform that equips businesses with invaluable insights. GEEIQ’s treasure trove of data delves deep into the intricacies of your audience’s demographics, interests, and preferred brands. Among its prestigious clientele are names like Tommy Hilfiger, Porsche, and Gucci – but this SaaS provider’s influence doesn’t stop there. GEEIQ recently played a key role in orchestrating the groundbreaking virtual Roblox concert headlined by Elton John and made history in the process. With a £6.6 million Series A funding round led by YFM Equity Partners in September, GEEIQ is certainly set to continue its meteoric rise in the metaverse arena.


At the forefront of innovative digital finance solutions is HyperJar. Its digital wallet enables users to effortlessly manage their financial journey – from smart money allocation to on-the-go spending. With their ingenious ‘pots’ or ‘jars’ feature, HyperJar lets users easily organise their funds and spend directly from these designated pockets of cash – simplifying money management like never before. Following its remarkable $24 million Series A funding announcement in September, the fintech undoubtedly has an exciting future ahead – with plans to enhance its personal and business banking offerings across Europe and North America.

Jude 157


Hey Jude! Meet the bladder health startup making waves in the world of wellness. With a range of innovative offerings – including medical assessments conducted conveniently via phone or online consultations, specialised supplements, and a stylish line of underwear complemented by liners and pads – Jude is reshaping the way we approach bladder health. Its recent achievement of securing $4.2 million in seed funding is a testament to its ambitious vision. Founder Peony Li, a former powerhouse in investments at Founders Factory and operations at femtech Daye, leads this transformative journey – with plans to expand into the US retail market by the end of this year.


Lancaster University spinout Mindgard looks set to be an industry-disrupting force in the realm of AI security. Armed with its high-tech platform, the digital security startup empowers businesses to rigorously assess the resilience of their AI models. Fuelling its visionary mission, Mindgard secured an impressive £3 million investment this September – supporting rapid expansion across the UK. It stands ready to fortify the frontlines of AI security for businesses and pave the way for a world where innovation can prosper free from security threats.


Indoor navigation software startup Navenio, based in Oxford and led by CEO Connie Moser, is defying GPS limitations. At the cutting-edge of healthcare management, its unique technology is used by hospitals to organise teams as they move around facilities. By crowdsourcing data from sensors within employee smartphones, Navenio uses AI to allocate jobs based on the physical location of staff and equipment. Its latest $6.3 million Series A extension funding round headed by Oxford Science Enterprises has further launched its unstoppable growth journey throughout US healthcare and beyond.


Ometria is empowering retailers to boost their CRM revenue by providing them with the data-driven insights they need to build detailed profiles of their loyal customers. Trusted by 200 leading retail brands to date, including Hotel Chocolat and Emma Bridgewater, the SaaS provider recently welcomed an £8 million funding injection from CIBC Innovation Banking. The fresh funds will facilitate its expansion into the US markets. This only adds to the company’s existing stellar track record, too – having raised £30 million from investors including Octopus Ventures in 2021.


Open Cosmos

Open Cosmos, a satellite startup focussed on sustainability, is committed to solving the world’s biggest challenges through satellite missions. Its innovative technology provides straightforward access to high-quality satellite data and insights on a global scale – furthering climate change prevention and the development of sustainable resources. Its Series B funding round saw the startup secure an incredible $50 million, with ETF Partners, Trill Impact, and A&G leading this groundbreaking investment. Get ready for a future where the sky is no longer the limit – it’s just the beginning.


Shackle is a formidable force in the hospitality industry that’s transforming the guest experience with its exclusive hotel app. The app seamlessly connects with hotel systems, allowing for contactless check-in, keyless entry, and efficient room service and payment handling. Travellers who use the app can also securely store their personal information, making it accessible at Shackle-partnered hotels worldwide. With a strong presence in the US, UK, and UAE, Shackle has secured significant investment – including a $5.5 million seed funding in August 2022, and a recent £12 million Series A round with Silverstripe Investment Management leading the raise.

Shop Circle

Shop Circle is breathing new life into the ecommerce space with its pioneering AI-driven solutions and expert consultation programmes. Since its launch in June 2022, the SaaS startup has consistently delivered results by reducing costs, streamlining tech infrastructure, and driving higher conversion rates. Having recently generated a substantial $120 million in Series A funding spearheaded by 645 Ventures and 3VC, Shop Circle is certainly set to elevate its software offerings. These innovations cover a wide range of tools – including digital content selling, physical store maps, restock notifications, and more.


Next on the list is a fintech whose journey Capsule is proud to be playing a part in: Timeline. Leading the way in transforming financial advisory and planning firms, Timeline has created a technology and portfolio management platform equipped with tools like client fact-finding, risk assessment, cashflow modelling, and investment analysis. In September, it secured £10 million in Series B funding – simultaneously reaching £3 billion in assets under management and setting it on a course to double its team and operations by the end of 2023. Proud to call this one a client!


Led by serial entrepreneur and co-founder Edward Alun-Jones, Worldover is bringing never-before-seen levels of automation to the global market. The pioneering internet platform claims to be able to reduce the time taken to achieve compliance by up to 90% and the cost threefold. Backed by £3 million in seed funding led by Index Ventures and Chalfen Ventures, Worldover is kicking off its mission in the cosmetics industry – with big plans to expand into other industries tackling ever-evolving compliance requirements. We certainly can’t wait to see where it ends up.

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