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Case study

Case Study: Insurance Without The Hangover – Securing Huge Policy Discounts For A Beer Brand

What if you could enjoy your favourite frothy beverage without waking up the following morning feeling like a monkey is practising Beethoven’s Fifth on your frontal lobe? Well… what if we told you that you can? Days Brewing Co brings you full-flavoured, refreshing brown fizz without the punishment of a hangover using all-natural ingredients. Their motto is ‘100% beer – 0% alcohol’, and their results are award-winning.


Based in Scotland, Days was founded by childhood friends Mike Gammell and Duncan Keith. Their goal wasn’t to encourage people to give up drinking beer altogether, but to develop an alternative that hit the spot without interfering with their own active lifestyles – and other people’s. With much more time on their hands during the lockdown era of the pandemic, the two were able to launch that alternative in October 2020.

In the early days, Days was a direct-to-consumer venture. However, since booze consumption had skyrocketed during the pandemic, Days’ crisp and tasty lager bottles became a popular way for people to dial back their drinking – and it wasn’t long before the Scottish start-up captured the attention of investors. A seed round in December 2021 saw them secure £1 million towards their growth – with investments from Mindful Chef founder Giles Humphries, Propercorn founder Ryan Kohn, and former Camden Town Brewery MD Adam Keary.

“When we first dreamt up Days back in the early stages of lockdown, we couldn’t have imagined how popular it would become. Shifting from a direct-to-consumer model to stocking shelves triggered a change in our insurance needs, and Capsule managed it from top to bottom. We couldn’t have asked for a better service!”

Mike Gammell, Co-Founder at Days Brewing Co

On a mission to ensure every bottle of Days sold powers positive change, the company’s ‘Days Duty’ initiative donates 2% of profits towards organisations that advocate for better mental healthcare. They’re also B Corp certified – so, as a fellow B Corp whose experience centres on start-ups and scale-ups, we reached out to discuss their insurance needs. Days’ existing policy was actually up for renewal, and they were keen to invest in a more robust programme that better supported their new physical distribution model.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato

After a discussion with the Days team, we were able to design a comprehensive combined commercial insurance policy that ticked all their boxes – and then some, with the addition of Employers’ Liability cover to protect them against any legal and compensation expenses from employee claims. The brand’s B Corp status also proved useful in our policy-securing efforts, allowing us to save them over £3,000.

Overall, the process took just 11 days – and it’s just the beginning of what we hope will be a fruitful partnership going forward. The Capsule team is a big Days fan – we stocked the bar with their products at our client drinks event in 2022! As for Days? They’re busy brewing change – we recommend grabbing a case for your fridge and watching it all unfold.

You don’t have to wait till you’re up for renewal to get insurance confident. We can be appointed as your partner at any point during your term. Get in touch to learn more.

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